Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome


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Allo! 👋🏽 I’m Naomi. Really nice to meet you and THANK YOU for being here with me.

See, Ive been thinking of starting a blog for a WHILE now, especially on those special days where I feel I have something to contribute to the world. A topic of postpartum health and wellness; a cool new system that works for me and my family; some thoughts; an awesome recipe; a cool DIY thing…


But then something awful happens. An evil demon takes over my mind and tells me: “You dont have anything good to write about?! You can’t maintain a blog! Nobody even gives a HOOT about what you have to say!! You think you’re special or something???? You’re nobody. You’re an imposter.


OUFFF, this demon is f***ing intense!!! Butttt I suppose they’re right. 


And that, my friend, is where my spark of an idea gets put right out, and I agree with the demon and say “Yep, not a good idea right now, or maybe ever.”


But you know what?! Today is the day I say F**K that demon! So I picked up my pen and began to write. Yes, I’m old-fashioned like that. Also, my good friends gave me the push I needed (thanks, ladies!). And just like that, finally, my true self sitting in the stands with popcorn watching my pen dance on the page jumped up and gave me a standing ovation. 👏🏽 Damn it feels good. Self-love is so important to me in my life. It is a loooooonnnggg journey, that I am very much on, and have a long way to go yet.


So PLEASE do not EVER mistake this blog for a “Look at me, my life is perfect; I am perfect” kind of blog. If that’s your thing: YOU DO YOU!!!! I’m just myself: a recovering perfectionist; new mom of a wonderful 6-month old sunshine of my life; person who is learning to love themselves and fighter of demons; fighter of mom-guilt (and victim too); mental health enthusiast; wellness entrepreneur; Postpartum Doula; Hamiltonian 🍁; obsessive crafter; DIY enthusiast; system nerd; spouse to a great human being; proud WOMAN; binger of TV; a friend……. Very nice to meet you.


One of my first few reactions when my friends encouraged me to start this blog was “I’m terrified of becoming a cliché.” Why am I sharing my fears with you, person of the interwebs? Because like Brené Brown, I believe in the power of vulnerability as a tool for connection. And if you’re reading this, maybe you do too! Along this blog journey, which I am doing out of self love, if I can also inspire even one person to love themselves a bit more, and/or make their voice heard, then I am incredibly humbled and honoured. I’d be so so happy if this blog resonates with anyone. Like or comment below if it does. Tell me, what have you been putting off due to brain demons, that you could actually start today?


We’re all unique and we’re all somebody, with gifts for the world. So f**k off, demons! Come with me, friend, and we’ll fight together. Welcome to my crazy lovely world!


With love,


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"We couldn't have gotten through..."

“We have three kids who were all under 2.5 years old during our time with the Doula. Naomi worked through the night a couple nights per week to give my husband and I some rest, as we had toddler twins and the newborn to look after through the day. We couldn’t have gotten through the days without the rest we got at night thanks to Naomi!” -B.F.

"We felt very comfortable..."

“Naomi saved us! We had twins and really needed sleep. She gave us a break! She was/is kind, caring, compassionate, and understanding. We felt very comfortable leaving our boys with her which is rare, given we are new parents. She exceeded our expectations tenfold! My husband, myself, and our two boys love her!” – A.F.

"Having her serene presence and focus on me, the mom,..."

“…reminding me to hydrate; listening; trying to find some solutions; was very soothing, and the other kids also felt more cared for, I believe. For a third time mom, it’s so much more about the other children… It’s so difficult to find time for myself, whilst having to take care of a newborn and worrying if the older ones will be a little left behind… no mom of more than one would enjoy the pampering and the attention and care if she felt not all the children were being looked after. So when Naomi minded them, it was bliss. In this context, not usually having the time for myself, the nutrition part was especially important. I was constantly reminded that for the family to be well, I had to prioritize my own wellbeing.” – M.B.

my mission

Helping new families have a supported and  transformative post-birth period.

Imagine: You’re in a pitch black room, and you know there is a door somewhere in that room. That door symbolizes sanity and wellness post-birth. Eventually, by feeling around, you will find the door– despite obstacles along the way. I believe in you. But imagine how much easier it would be to find the door if there was a little candle by the door, guiding you and making you feel a little less lost and disoriented, and more confident. That’s what a having a Postpartum Doula is like.

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