37 Postpartum Affirmation Card Pack


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As a Postpartum Doula and a mama, I know that the postpartum period can be tough, and us parents can often second-guess ourselves. We are brand new at this! Even if it's not your first child, each one is a new baby, and thus a new experience.

These BEAUTIFUL Postpartum Affirmation cards are designed to be your own personal positive mental health coach, living right in your home! The positive messaging can be comforting and empowering; reminding you that everything is okay and that you are doing your best-- and heck, you are doing amazing!

Affirmations are a proven way to improve mindset and mood. Why are there 37? Because I want to give you OPTIONS! Not every one is going to resonate with you, or sound authentic to YOU, and that is OKAY! Pick your favourites.

Post them up where you will see them easily and regularly! Remind yourself of these positive messages as much as possible! They are beautifully designed, so they will double as wall art 😉

Know someone who is expecting? These would make a great gift!! I would recommend purchasing the PDF yourself, cutting the cards out, and gifting them pre-cut 🙂

Just an FYI, another FANTASTIC gift for someone who is expecting a baby soon is Postpartum Doula services! Contact me for more information!


Naomi the Doula


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