Do I Need a Postpartum Doula and a Midwife?



I get it. The birth & new parenthood world can feel like a completely different universe. It can be new and confusing. SO MANY NEW WORDS!! There is lots to learn. I hear you. If I can help clear something up for you that makes me very happy.

If you’re here, I’ll assume for now that the terms ‘Doula’ (in this case, Postpartum Doula) and ‘Midwife’ are causing some confusion. THAT’S PERFECTLY OKAY! In fact, I’ll discuss below why it may be COMMON to mix the two up.

Luckily, I have experience as both a Student Midwife and as a Postpartum Doula! Both professionals are wonderful, complementary, and are well worth your time learning about and considering.

Disclaimer: this is not a definitive or exhaustive comparison of the two professions. Just some main points I can come up with right now!

Why Do People Tend to Mix Doulas and Midwives Up?


Great question. There are a few similarities, along with history, that Doulas and Midwives share.


  • Doulas and Midwives tend to be natural-focused. Meaning, they view birth and the postpartum as natural, normal processes that ought to be complemented with holistic, nature-based and gentle approaches whenever possible.  *This is trend, not a rule*


  • Doulas and Midwives are experts in NORMAL.


  • Doulas and Midwives have been around for centuries! H(er)storically, A woman well-versed in perinatal health and wellness would typically support the women of their community in the perinatal year and in female sexual health matters. Generaly, the female elders and relatives would typically tend to the mother in similar capacities in which a Postpartum Doula does today (with exceptions). Often the Midwife would embody the work/care of a Postpartum Doula as well. 

See? You’re not alone or crazy for getting the two mixed up. In fact, it shows that the herstory of caring for perinatal persons isn’t forgotten! Yay. Now let’s come back to the present and explore what makes them different professions nowadays (in the Ontario, Canada context!)


What Midwives do that Postpartum Doulas do Not


With great pleasure I’ve invited Vishali Arumugam RM, a Registered Midwife from (Durham Markham Midwives?), as a guest to shed some expertise here, and she has graciously agreed! Welcome, Vishali!



  • MWs publicly funded by MOH
  • Medical professionals, primary care provider until 6 wks PP or when transferred to paed. Either MW or Doc as primary.
  • Doulas are not medical at all. Can’t diagnose. Can’t write referrals. When out of scope will always refer you to your HCP, whether that’s MW or Doc. 
  • MWs are preg, birth, and 6wks PP. Not all doulas have that breadth of scope. 
  • MWs go through rigorous full-time University bachelor program in Health Sciences (Midwifery) which includes 2.5 years of practicums in the community.
  • What MWs do is closely regulated by the College of Midwives of ON. They are a regulated profession in Ontario.

What Postpartum Doulas Do That Midwives Don’t


The biggest difference, in my opinion, is TIME. Postpartum Doulas work with their clients to determine exactly what the client wants and needs, and what kind of support will work for the family. The client dictates the time committment. The Postpartum Doula’s scope and number of clients are smaller, thus we are able to commit more time to each client.


And that’s an intentional difference! Remember, Midwives are health care providers. They make sure you and babe are healthy. Doulas want to make sure you feel supported. That typically takes more time! 


For example, Postpartum Doulas can do light chores around the house. You will probably have a list ready of ways we can support you, and it’ll take some time to get that done for you, and we are MORE THAN HAPPY to. Please do not expect this from your midwife at their postpartum visits!!!! 


In Ontario, Postpartum Doulas are not regulated, and are privately funded. (Sometimes Postpartum Doulas are available through charitable and community organizations.) Thus, our scope extends beyond the 6 weeks postpartum of midwives. Each Postpartum Doula’s time scope is different. At The Postpartum Nest, our time scope is 6 months postpartum. But if you need support and you are more than 6 months postpartum, feel free to contact us and we can still connect you. 


Also, since Postpartum Doulas aren’t regulated by the government of Ontario (yet), there is more liberty in the services each Postpartum Doula can offer their clients. Each Postpartum Doula has complete autonomy over their business and services! It makes it easier for you, the client, to find a Postpartum Doula that meets you and your family’s needs. Yay!  


Postpartum Doulas are not an either/or professional; they are an AND. Meaning, they are an addition to your support team/circle for the postpartum, and it does not exclude you from being able to access any other service. (Remember when I/Vishali explained that you can either have a Midwife OR an MD as your/baby’s health care during the first 6 weeks (unless it’s a consultation).)

The KEY takeaway I want you to have here is: Midwives are great. Postpartum Doulas are great. They are different professionals. Best case scenario is having BOTH! You can do that! And, I’ll argue till the end of my days, you should (and I usually use that ‘s’ word). 


Midwives and Postpartum Doulas are complementary.  Both will hopefully and probably be fierce advocates for you. Happily, Midwives are covered by the Ministry of Health (Ontario). Doulas are not, but maybe one day? Who knows. It would definitely improve maternal mental health outcomes in Ontario, even Canada, but that’s a discussion for another day! 


Until then, look into midwives in your area and see if they might be a good fit as your perinatal primary health care provider. They are experts in normal pregnancy, birth, and postpartum health for you and your growing babe(s). If you need help finding a midwife, I might be able to help! Let me know.


And do yourself and your family a massive favour and invest in a Postpartum Doula! Ready? Book an appointment for a free discovery call with us today to continue the conversation. And share this blog post with someone else who you think should know about Midwives and Postpartum Doulas!


Thanks for reading!


Xo Naomi


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“We have three kids who were all under 2.5 years old during our time with the Doula. Naomi worked through the night a couple nights per week to give my husband and I some rest, as we had toddler twins and the newborn to look after through the day. We couldn’t have gotten through the days without the rest we got at night thanks to Naomi!” -B.F.

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“Naomi saved us! We had twins and really needed sleep. She gave us a break! She was/is kind, caring, compassionate, and understanding. We felt very comfortable leaving our boys with her which is rare, given we are new parents. She exceeded our expectations tenfold! My husband, myself, and our two boys love her!” – A.F.

"Having her serene presence and focus on me, the mom,..."

“…reminding me to hydrate; listening; trying to find some solutions; was very soothing, and the other kids also felt more cared for, I believe. For a third time mom, it’s so much more about the other children… It’s so difficult to find time for myself, whilst having to take care of a newborn and worrying if the older ones will be a little left behind… no mom of more than one would enjoy the pampering and the attention and care if she felt not all the children were being looked after. So when Naomi minded them, it was bliss. In this context, not usually having the time for myself, the nutrition part was especially important. I was constantly reminded that for the family to be well, I had to prioritize my own wellbeing.” – M.B.

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