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The Postpartum Nest offers a multitude of postpartum planning and support services, from the expectant to postpartum periods, to support you in attaining your best possible postpartum experience! Click the button below to book a Free Discovery Call!

The person who knows what you need best is YOU. If you want more information on how exactly we can CUSTOMIZE our services to meet your family’s needs during the childbearing year, book a discovery call today.


Infant Feeding Support

Laundry Management

Facilitating Rest

Facilitating Bonding


Light Household Chores

Facilitating YOU TIME

Infant Care & Bathing

Grocery and Errands

Older Sibling Support

Managing Visitors

Facilitating Couple Time

…the possibilities are endless! Book a Complimentary Discovery Call today to discuss how I can best serve your family!

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we care for your needs

 "Naomi was always polite, caring, communicative, prompt, and followed-up with us regularly. We never felt forgotten or overlooked. She made us feel very at ease. She provided great support during her time with us. Thank you Naomi!"

 - A. W.

 "We have three kids who were all under 2.5 years old during our time with the Doula. Naomi worked through the night a couple nights per week to give my husband and I some rest, as we had toddler twins and the newborn to look after through the day. We couldn't have gotten through the days without the rest we got at night thanks to Naomi!"

 - B. F.

 "Naomi saved us! We had twins and really needed sleep. She gave us a break! She was/is kind, caring, compassionate, and understanding. We felt very comfortable leaving our boys with her which is rare, given we are new parents. She exceeded our expectations tenfold! My husband, myself, and our two boys love her!"

 - A. F.

"Having her serene presence and focus on me, the mom; reminding me to hydrate; listening; trying to find some solutions; was very soothing, and the other kids also felt more cared for, I believe. For a third time mom, it's so much more about the other children... It's so difficult to find time for myself, whilst having to take care of a newborn and worrying if the older ones will be a little left behind... no mom of more than one would enjoy the pampering and the attention and care if she felt not all the children were being looked after. So when Naomi minded them, it was bliss. In this context, not usually having the time for myself, the nutrition part was especially important. I was constantly reminded that for the family to be well, I had to prioritize my own wellbeing." - M. B.

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my mission

Helping families have the supported
and transformative post-birth period that they deserve.

Imagine: You're in a pitch black room, and you know there is a door somewhere in that room. That door symbolizes sanity and wellness post-birth. Eventually, by feeling around, you will find the door-- despite obstacles along the way. I believe in you. But imagine how much easier it would be to find the door if there was a little candle by the door, guiding you and making you feel a little less lost and disoriented, and more confident.

That's what a having a Postpartum Doula is like.

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