A LIVE interactive course and Club experience– to take you from unsure or anxious in expectancy to thriving in new parenthood with calm, connection, and joy.

This first LIVE round for our Queer/GNC community starts in








Hey love, are you looking to thrive with your family once baby’s here?


Life with your new baby can be challenging and overwhelming.

Most folks just get into ‘survival mode’.

Perinatal mental health disorder rates are high, and Queer folks aren’t well-represented in the research.

Folks are experiencing trauma within the healthcare system… ESPECIALLY marginalized folks.

Friend, do these resonate with you?:

  • You would love to connect with other Queer soon-to-be parents… Maybe make some friends!

  • You’d love  to learn what you ACTUALLY really need when it comes to life with baby and the postpartum period

  • It would be rad to be connected to a perinatal coach/consultant who will unconditionally support you and who is a trained expert in the field


  • You desire to have a Queer-centered, safe space free of judgment or pressure, to ask questions and share your experiences with people who GET IT or who will empathize with you.


  • You’d love to have a say in what topics are discussed and covered! Learn more about what matters to YOU.


If ANY of the above resonated with you,

then you are definitely in the right place.

“I really want to connect with people in a similar situation as me. I also want to learn more about what comes after the birth! It’s so important for me to not go into the postpartum “blind”. This course would help to take a lot of anxiety off, and make it way easier to ask questions. It would provide a safe space to connect and make friends. It is so nice and such a relief to meet other [parents] who are nonjudgmental– it makes me feel not so alone anymore!! This course+club offers something I just can’t find elsewhere right now! You can’t find this kind of thing easily. Even if I make ONE friend, that is awesome. Having another parent to talk to with a kid the same age is so so good. And honestly– my prenatal education course talked about the postpartum for a whole 5 minutes! ” – R.W.

The Situation...

You’re a Queer person/family, expecting a baby or multiple, and you’re not sure how to prepare for life with this new little human(s). You may be feeling confused, anxious, overwhelmed, or alone.

The Solution...


…The Thriving with a Newborn Course!


For however long you sign up for, you will go from feeling unsure or anxious, to feeling ready and confident for whatever life with a new baby throws at you!


“I read books that were great, but they didn’t come with support!! Postpartum I got a lactation consultant, but I would have loved more education about infant feeding prenatally. And with my first babe, I didn’t know where or how to ask for help. Being more of a “lone wolf”, I felt isolated postpartum and didn’t know HOW to connect with other new parents like me. I was nervous. Having a professional to connect with and facilitate that connection with others would have been awesome. I would have LOVED this!” – M.F.

Are you Queer/Trans/GNC/NB? If so, this incredible course comes with a GAME-CHANGING offer for you:

Your monthly enrollment INCLUDES MEMBERSHIP in The Queer Nest Club!


This LIVE round of the Course + Club offers over 5k of value for a founding member rate of just $111 $88 per month!!!

Here’s how it works: When you sign up you’ll get enrollment in the Thriving with a Newborn course (delivered within The Club) AND you’ll have monthly membership to The Club! Why? Because community is fundamental in this perinatal journey and you deserve it. It truly does take a village, and you deserve to feel seen, heard, and held! And building your village takes time. Not to mention, the Club has a different perinatal theme/topic every month to explore; unique ‘spaces’ to connect deeper in; chat; weekly lounge hour; and so much more!

Want access to the Club but not feeling the course right now? No problem! Click here. You can always add on the course later inside of the Club.


We are SO confident that you will have major breakthroughs throughout our course & Club experience.

However, we know everyone is different!

So, you can have 2 weeks to try the Course & Club for FREE!!!!!

Not Queer, Trans, Gender-Non-Conforming, or Non-binary? No problem, the course will be available to non-Queer folks soon… Join the waitlist here!!

“Real quick–What’s in it for me when I join?”

  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Support
  • Preparedness
  • Sense of some control, calm, and peace of mind
  • Self-love and care
  • Community! People like you at a similar stage wanting similar things!
  • Live access to and training from a postpartum EXPERT
  • and of course so much more…

Your Step-by-Step Plan to THRIVING:

Step One: Purchase the Course & Club Bundle
Step Two: Watch Your Inbox

You’ll receive an email from Mighty Networks asking you to create your account/ sign in to the Queer Nest Club!

You’ll also receive a welcome email from us!


Step Three: Login and Introduce Yourself

Login to the Queer Nest Club > Courses > THRIVING with a Newborn > Topics > Introduce yourself! and write a post introducing yourself to the group! Don’t worry about feeling awkward– we’re allll here to get to know some cool people!

Step Four: Attend Your First Event!

Sign into the Queer Nest Club > Courses > THRIVING with a Newborn > Events > click the top one > Add to Calendar

This is also where you will access the LIVE events when it’s time (but don’t worry, you’ll also get reminder emails!)


How long is the Thriving with a Newborn Course?

This round of the course will be delivered LIVE, ongoing! We start November 29!

How will I access the Thriving with a Newborn Course?

It’ll be hosted within The Queer Nest Club!

Because we are committed to greatness for our Queer community, we’ve invested in a robust platform for our Club called “Mighty Networks”! It will host everything– the course material, events, calls, the community forum, the ‘Spaces’, and even a spot where folks can connect based on their babe’s EDB! You’ll also be happy to know that there is a convenient app too!

No more separate fb groups, algorithms, ads…

Where can I learn more about the Queer Nest Club?

I’m so glad you asked! Click here.

Wanna get a taste of my style before you sign up?

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Imagine: You're in a pitch black room, and you know there is a door somewhere in that room. That door symbolizes sanity and wellness post-birth. Eventually, by feeling around, you will find the door-- despite obstacles along the way. I believe in you. But imagine how much easier it would be to find the door if there was a little candle by the door, guiding you and making you feel a little less lost and disoriented, and more confident.

That's what a having a Postpartum Doula is like.

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