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“I read books that were great, but they didn’t come with support!! Postpartum I got a lactation consultant, but I would have loved more education about infant feeding prenatally. And with my first babe, I didn’t know where or how to ask for help. Being more of a “lone wolf”, I felt isolated postpartum and didn’t know HOW to connect with other new parents like me. I was nervous. Having a professional to connect with and facilitate that connection with others would have been awesome. I would have LOVED the P4PPC!” – M.F.

My Story…

Hey, love! I’m Naomi, your Postpartum Power Professor and Courmmunity host! I want to explain who I am, and how I got here, to that AWESOME title.

I’m a queer (happy pride!), witchy and yet science-loving woman with passion for serving, creating, healing, and nature.

Fun fact: my maternal grandmother birthed eleven babies at home with a midwife!

Natural and nutritional healing and wellness have always been central in my maternal lineage.

Being of service to others was so innate. Give, give, give.

Community and family were everything.

So it comes as NO surprise to me that in my heart I knew that would all be part of my path as well.

I am so grateful that I found my way into birth work through midwifery. I became a proud student midwife at Ryerson University (Toronto) in 2014.

I adored the education and soaked it up like a sponge. I identified whole-heartedly with the profession. I would be a practicing midwife by 2019!

Then in my junior placement, something changed…

Although I was PASSIONATE about serving my clients and absolutely loved that aspect, my heart pulled me toward more of a supportive role as opposed to a primary healthcare provider role. In my heart I was a Doula and didn’t realize it.

It wasn’t until I took a break after that placement that the clarity hit me. All the times I suffered in that placement were when I knew a client could have used more support and I couldn’t provide it because of midwifery scope and constraints. I had witnessed firsthand how badly more robust postpartum support and preparation was needed. So a couple months later I became a Postpartum Doula. I have never looked back! I am wholeheartedly fulfilling my calling and on the right path; and for my journey so far (and midwifery) I am SO GRATEFUL!

Since becoming a Postpartum Doula I have worked with such incredible clients; it always blows me away! I’ve also had some pretty incredible other life achievements. . . :

I found my soulmate, and married him in 2018. We make an incredible team and he really helps make it possible for me to be a mompreneur; in the pandemic especially. The preparation work we did prenatally for the postpartum was pivotal, and we still  benefit from it.

We co-founded a natural bath product company called New Life Co. which will be re-launching this summer of 2021! We are both passionate about simple, natural and pure wellness (as I’ve already mentioned!)

I became a mother in November 2019 after an incredible homebirth experience that I was hoping and planning for since my midwifery days. Feel free to ask me more about that–I love talking all things birth!

About 4-5 months after the birth I finally obtained my official Postpartum & Infant Care Doula certification that I had worked hard on for a few years! I launched my own postpartum support business called the Postpartum Nest shortly thereafter which has been incredible.

Since I absolutely love my career, at this point I’ve realized that I can do even BETTER for my community. I’m always hungry to do better! I have a passionate appetite.

I consistently hear these common themes come up:

“I wish I had known about this!” “Why didn’t anyone prepare me for this”


“After the birth, they send you on your way with your new baby(ies) and it’s terrifying because I have no clue what to do”, and

“(Mom)-friends, community, and good support is so hard to find these days, ESPECIALLY in the Covid-19 pandemic. It is SO hard to connect with others.”

In my pregnancy I actively sought out some new-parent friends, and didn’t quite find my people. After birth, I was fortunate enough to find one, and then another–all with babes a similar age! Those mamas were pivotal to my well-being as a new mama myself, and I knew I needed to facilitate this for my community as well.

I’ve realized I can really help expectant parents feel more prepared for the postpartum, more supported, more connected–thus improving outcomes, in a big way! There really is no limit with an online learning and community model. I’ve now challenged my ‘making a difference one family at a time’ mantra of the past.

And thus, the Prepare for an emPowered Postpartum Courmmunity is born.  I truly hope you love it and share it with anyone you know who is expecting a baby(ies), and I am SO excited to get started!!!

“I absolutely love this initiative. I think it’s necessary. I think any mother would appreciate having a community of support and a professional to go to for help and answers to questions that naturally come up throughout pregnancy and in the postpartum months. I wish I had this while pregnant, especially with my first because I was literally up all night long every night during my pregnancy researching answers to the loads of questions that would bombard my brain. I am a huge advocate of making informed decisions about your health and really believe the course would help to provide knowledge and allow for people to be active participants in their perinatal care. This is a wonderful project that will change many lives and will help many families make informed, intentional decisions about their health in pregnancy and be able to set a great foundation for postpartum.” – M.D.

Hey babe, do any of these sound familiar to you?


  • or your partner are expecting a baby in some way! Congrats, love! Partners are very much welcomed and encouraged here.
  • like to be proactive and intentional about your health and well-being, and that of your family
  • love to plan, organize and feel prepared for big events in your life and in your day-to-day life
  • find strength in connecting with others in a similar ‘boat’ as you, even if it’s just one person
  • know you are worthy of a loving, supported, informed, empowering postpartum experience
  • are up at night Googling ALL THE THINGS, winding down a rabbit hole of overwhelm

You feel:

  • you don’t know how to prepare for the postpartum period or what to expect or how/where to start!
  • anxious and frazzled/overwhelmed about what comes after the birth. You don’t want to go into it blindly.
  • alone in this new chapter! Especially with the pandemic.
  • like reading all the books and Googling all the things just doesn’t give you the support you want.
  • concerned or anxious about Perinatal Mental Health Disorders (PMHDs) popping up in the postpartum period

You’re looking to:

  • be thoroughly prepared and ready for an empowered postpartum experience
  • be guided through this journey step by step, by a perinatal professional who is a trained expert with years of experience in postpartum support.
  • make a friend (or a few!) who is/are going through this journey alongside you
  • have support in making important, informed parenting decisions
  • have a safe space, free of judgment or pressure, to ask for help and connect with other soon-to-be parents
  • avoid/decrease PMHDs where possible through preparation, information, community, and timely support.

If ANY of the above resonated with you,

then you are definitely in the right place.

“I really want to connect with people in a similar situation as me. Most of us don’t have a friend who is going through it at the same time! I also want to talk more about the postpartum, and learn more about what comes after the birth! It’s so important for me to not go into the postpartum “blind”. The P4PPC would help to take a lot of anxiety off, and make it way easier to ask questions. It would provide a safe space to vent & connect and make friends. It is so nice and such a relief to meet other moms who are nonjudgmental– it makes me feel not so alone anymore!! The P4PPC offers something I just can’t find elsewhere right now! You can’t find this kind of thing easily. Even if I make ONE friend, that is awesome. Having another parent to talk to with a kid the same age is so so good. And honestly– my prenatal education course talked about the postpartum for a whole 5 minutes! The class focused almost entirely on breastfeeding so it was a waste for me. I know there are many free options out there for connection, but people are invested in what they pay for and they are more likely to show up and keep accountable and active. I would absolutely pay for this!!!” – R.W.

The Situation...

You’re expecting a baby or multiple, and you know or have heard from the modern-day grapevine that the postpartum period can be–and often is–challenging. Yet you don’t quite know what to expect or how to prepare for it! And honey, the books just aren’t cutting the mustard. And you feel like you want to be connecting with others going through the same thing or who have recently gone through it!

The Solution...

I’m offering you an incredible LIVE course and community experience where you can prepare for an empowered postpartum experience, BEFORE you get there, whilst connecting with others going through it at the same time as you! This is no ordinary Prenatal Education class. I’ll guide you through 12 weeks (12 lessons) of pure postpartum (and life with baby) prep. You will learn so much about your options, possibilities, and how to get what you really want out of this experience, with confidence!

Along with the Preparing for an emPowered Postpartum course material and LIVE topic sessions, you will have access to:

  • The Postpartum Power Community (the greater network with all course participants, alumni, and other awesome new parents who will be paying to be here!)
  • A closed community JUST for yourself and other current course participants
  • Fun events to connect with others (I’ll empower YOU to choose these!)
  • Daily posts, prompts, and ways to engage
  • Weekly LIVE Mastermind calls with myself, your favourite postpartum expert and Courmmunity host!
  • Weekly 1:1 mini focus sessions for a different participant each week
  • Casual potential friend-matching service based on your Member Profile

“The P4PPC would really help me achieve confidence, identity and well-being. I really wanted to feel more prepared for motherhood: more mentally prepared and more supported. I took a prenatal education class about birth and found it to be a waste: at birth you have medical professionals around you…; it’s when you go home with the baby afterwards and the professionals don’t come home with you!! I love that this Courmmunity offers topics and guidance throughout because I didn’t know what I didn’t know! And the advice I got prenatally, like: “Enjoy your sleep while you can!” was SO UNHELPFUL! It’s also so tough that none of my friends are having or have babies. I would have benefited so much from this Courmmunity.” – A.W.

Why This Courmmunity?

This Courmmunity is for postpartum well-being and THRIVING.

I personally have experienced the transformative POWER of having a supported, empowering, prepared-for postpartum experience. 

It’s like I emerged on the other side a better human. A healthier one. A mindful one. A person who knows their self-worth and acts accordingly. A more passionate entrepreneur. Most of all, I learned how to problem-solve like a badass when challenges arise, because they definitely do in new parenthood. Ohhhhh yeah. 

In other words, the parenting resilience I was able to learn while being supported and prepared was incredible! Instead of feeling like everything was constantly piling up on top of me and like I was going down a dark path, I was able to more quickly adapt and handle it in the best way I could, with strategies I had already learned and prepared. And that kept me growing and gaining more confidence, with my amazing support and community by my side.

I want that for you, babe. I want YOU to actually enjoy the postpartum as much as possible. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to enjoy “every minute of it”!) And I want you to find your confidence, resilience, and wholeness as this next, EVEN BETTER version of you, emerges naturally through support, community, education, preparation, and power.

This Courmmunity is for healing generational trauma.

No surprise here: the patriarchy is to blame for a lot, ESPECIALLY surrounding birth in Westernized society. It is sadly common that our parents and ancestors have experienced cruelty, isolation, negligence, and more in birth and postpartum. The perceived importance of the sacred postpartum and everything that goes with it has been way lower than it deserves. The predominant reality is of a lonely, isolated, unsupported and “why didn’t I know about this?!” postpartum period.

This Courmmunity is here to reverse and heal those effects of being kept in the dark, alone, neglected, disrespected… especially surrounding birthing bodies and their recovery and vitality, family health, bonding, infant care, intimate partner relationships… 

Through education and preparation, supportive and compassionate community, and professional live support from myself, a certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, this Courmmunity will help you achieve your BEST POSSIBLE, empowered and transformative postpartum experience! 

Class of August 2021 Starts in








Who is this Courmmunity for?

Love, do you identify with any of the following? If so, please come join us! :

    • Wholehearted
    • Positive
    • Type A
    • Planner/Organizer
    • Intuitive
    • Loving
    • Compassionate and nonjudgmental
  • Soon-to-be parent
  • Open-minded
  • Seeker of connection and supportive community
  • Mindful & Intentional
  • Seeker of knowledge & empowerment
  • Seeker of justice & human equity

We cannot wait to welcome you into the Courmmunity!

This Courmmunity is for healthy beginnings.

The research is in: The effects of healthy beginnings and strong foundations at the beginning of life are POWERFUL. The effects can be felt at all levels, from micro (the family unit) to macro (society, the world!) That’s freaking powerful! I want everyone to be able to emerge into this new chapter of life whole with their expanded family. 

That wholeness includes: healthy healing and recovery for birth parents; mental health; sense of identity; healthy partner and child relationships; and healthy bonding with your newest, tiniest babylove(s). 

I want ALL OF THAT good stuff for you, love! And that’s why I’ve created this Courmmunity for you. So that you can prepare, find your community, ask questions, find support, learn some things, and feel well and whole as you transition to this next chapter. I’m here to help. Your community is here to support you.

community is powerful

This Courmmunity is for inclusion.

Social justice and anti-hate has been important to me for a really long time now.

At the top of my list of priorities is to always work actively to maintain an inclusive, diverse, safe space, for every human being. It flows through everything I do.

ANY way you identify, I want you to know that you are invited, loved, celebrated and welcomed here in the Courmmunity. I want all expectant, soon-to-be and new parents to feel like they are empowered to thrive in a safe space.

I will be engaging and facilitating regularly in the Courmmunity, and actively working to keep our space safe and our culture alive and thriving.

Open communication policy: if at ANY time you feel unsafe or unsupported, let me know ASAP. Your concerns are valid and your safety is top priority always.

Spaces: Inside of the community you’ll find “Spaces”. These are designated areas where you can connect with other members who self-identify in similar ways as you. Some of the Spaces include:

  • Adoptive parents-to-be
  • Indigenous parents
  • Black parents and Parents of Colour
  • Fierce fertility-assist and surro families
  • Asian parents
  • Non-birth parents and partner zone
  • Queer parents (2SLGBTQQIA+)
  • Canadian Immigrant Parents

Psst: are you a partner? This Courmmunity welcomes you too!

One thing myself and others have butt up against is the overall exclusion of partners in the postpartum community arena. Unacceptable! There are ‘mommy groups’ and events, but RARELY events for new parents *who didn’t give birth*. It became part of my mission to include you. To provide you with your own sense of community.

You matter, dearest partner. You will experience the postpartum through your own lens, your own ways.

Inside the Courmmunity, there’s a dedicated “Space” just for partners to hang out.

There can also be events hosted JUST for partners to hang out at. (‘Cause aren’t you sick of being excluded from everything?! Do you want to find YOUR people too?!)

Having both parents on the same page is incredibly powerful and I’m SO glad to have you here, preparing for an empowered postpartum! I can’t wait to include you in on the preparation and learning. WELCOME!

Through this 3-month course + community, you can expect these transformations:

Through this 3-month course + community, you can expect to learn:

  • the importance of postpartum well-being for yourself, your family, and others
  • how self-worth and self-love are the basis of everything in the postpartum period
  • how to find your identity in parenthood
  • how, why, and when to ask for help
  • how to manage your money and budget for baby and postpartum
  • how to ask questions and feel informed and empowered when making decisions
  • how to prepare for the postpartum (in so many different ways)
  • how, why, and when to set healthy boundaries
  • how, why, and when to slow things down
  • how to care for yourself and get your needs met
  • similarities amongst babies and new parents, while embracing uniqueness and honouring the lived experience of others
  • how to step into your power; emerging from the postpartum period better than ever!
  • how to connect and form meaningful friendships with others in a similar boat!

Pssst…Here’s a sneak peek!

Here are some of the crucial topics we will explore together in the Prepare for an emPowered Postpartum Courmmunity!:

  • mental health
  • hormone fluctuations and effects
  • strong intimate partner relationships
  • other children
  • infant feeding
  • infant care

  • sleep
  • self-identity in new parenthood
  • self-love and care
  • physical recovery
  • nourishment


And guess what–this incredible offering also has

an incredible founding member price:

$997 USD

Payment plan over 3 monts available upon request.

Want more 1:1 support in your postpartum power? I have a special add-on for you!:

You can upgrade your plan to include 1:1 support from ME, your Passionate Postpartum Power Professor, via Voxer! It’s an awesome software that facilitates voice messaging. You will have access to my expertise on a much more personalized, committed basis. This VIP package includes dedicated check-in chats IN the postpartum period to help you feel frequently supported by a knowledgeable, friendly postpartum expert.  I’m so excited to help you have the postpartum experience you deserve.

Starting at $333 per month

Payment Terms

You will have access to the course material and the closed course community for one (1) year. After that year, you will be asked if you’d like to continue your membership in the Postpartum Power Community.

The fee is non-refundable. Believe in yourself! You won’t regret it.

Note: to access the Courmmunity you will need an internet connection.


“Real quick–What’s in it for me when I join?”

  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Support
  • Preparedness
  • Sense of some control, calm, and peace of mind
  • Organization
  • Self-love and care
  • Community! People like you at a similar stage wanting similar things!
  • Live access to and training from a postpartum EXPERT throughout your 12-week course!
  • and of course so much more…


How long is the course?

This in-depth preparation for an empowered postpartum course is 12 weeks long. This allows for 1 week to process and work through each topic!

What happens to the group after the 3-month course?

Courmmunity members will have another 9 months of included membership in the more general Postpartum Power Community!! This is where you can connect with other new parents who weren’t in the course OR who are alumni of the course. After the 9 months are up, you will be eligible to continue your membership for the regular monthly price.

How will I access the Courmmunity?

Because we are committed to greatness with this Courmmunity, we’ve invested in a robust platform called “Mighty Networks”! It will host everything– the course material, events, calls, the community forum, the ‘Spaces’, and even a spot where folks can connect based on their babe’s age! You’ll also be happy to know that there is a convenient app too!

What is included in my purchase?
  • Weekly LIVE topic sessions led by Naomi, your Passionate Postpartum Power Professor for 12 weeks!
  • Accompanying workbooks, worksheets, PDFs, etc..
  • Membership in a closed, intimate, engaging community of people like yourself who are invested in empowered postpartums! This community will be led and moderated by Naomi on a daily basis
  • Membership in the greater Postpartum Power Community for a full year (course participants, alumni, and other awesome new parents paying to be here!)
  • Fun events to connect with others in a relaxed setting
  • Weekly LIVE Mastermind video calls with Naomi where you can get your questions ANSWERED and connect with other folks.
  • Weekly 1:1 mini focus session with Naomi for a different participant each week to focus and lend expertise and advice on a specific area of concern
  • Casual potential friend matching service based on your Member Profile!

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my mission

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and transformative post-birth period that they deserve.

Imagine: You're in a pitch black room, and you know there is a door somewhere in that room. That door symbolizes sanity and wellness post-birth. Eventually, by feeling around, you will find the door-- despite obstacles along the way. I believe in you. But imagine how much easier it would be to find the door if there was a little candle by the door, guiding you and making you feel a little less lost and disoriented, and more confident.

That's what a having a Postpartum Doula is like.

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